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Kolarctic neighborhood project, INTERREG III A North

(Finland, Norway, Murmansk and Archangelsk Oblast of RF)


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Northern Dimension

An initiative administered by the EU, the Northern Dimension provides a general

framework for promoting political dialogue and practical co-operation. In geographical terms, the concept covers a region that extends from Iceland to north-west Russia and from the Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea and Kara Sea to the southern coast of the Baltic Sea.

From the EU’s point of view the importance of the Northern Dimension essentially lies in promoting balanced development in the northern parts of Europe and facilitating the integration of Russia with Europe.

The Northern Dimension has been on the Commission’s agenda since December 1997, and its action programme was approved at the Feira Summit in Portugal in June 2000. In addition, the Commission working document ”The Second Northern Dimension Action Plan 2004 – 2006” (COM 2003/343) was approved on 10 June 2003.


Co-operation area

The area covered by the INTERREG III A North Programme covers the Region of Lapland in Finland, Province of Norrbotten in Sweden, Regions of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark in Norway, and Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Oblasts and Nenets Autonomous District in Russia.


The area encompasses approximately one million square kilometres, i.e. it is the largest of the areas covered by INTERREG III A Community Initiative programmes.



The purpose of the INTERREG Programme is to create opportunities for activities and co-operation that in the long run will enhance the programme area’s development. The Programme can contribute to this development by

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Creating possibilities for the existing and potential development environments in the programme area to enter cross-border co-operation

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Developing the existing networks and co-operation venues in the long term

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Identifying and eliminating the administrative and other obstacles that hamper cross-border co-operation

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Supporting co-operation that strengthens the regional identity and cohesion

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Increasing coordination and joint planning processes between regional and local authorities

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Supporting projects that enhance equality between men and women

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Developing expertise and welfare in the area

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Improving functionality and transport and telecommunications connections in the area



INTERREG III A North Programme Kolarctic – share of Finland and Sweden 10,1 m

Russian share 3,5 m €


Contact information

Secretariat of Neighbourhood Programme Kolarctic
Regional Council of Lapland (Lapin liitto)
PL 8056
Fax (016) 318 705
Tel. (016) 3301 000

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