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Developing EXcellence – DEX  is a project in context with the EU enlargement and the future BSR NP multi-regional co-operation in the field of regional economic development. The main idea of DEX is to establish a network of excellence centres focused on co-operation of authorities responsible for local and regional economic and spatial development able to engage other local actors (e.g. enterprises) in goal oriented regional development work.



Developing EXcellence – DEX places a high importance on cross-border co-operation and its aim is to build capacity of the North-West Russian regions to fully participate in opportunities created by the new Neighbourhood instrument.  The basic idea is to foster cross-border and translational co-operation project between regions, cities and local authorities.



The main objective of DEX is to prepare North-West Russian regional stakeholders to better participation in common BSR co-operation:

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to strengthen the grass-root involvement of Russia in the Baltic problems and issues counterbalancing possible negative results of EU enlargement.

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to bring new economic stimuli to the development of the North-West part of Russia and increases face-to-face international contacts at local and regional level.

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to encourage Russian regional and local decision makers to change their development patterns and behaviours to more entrepreneurial ones and enhance co-operation of Russian regions on transnational level.

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to ensure involvement of the North-West Russia in the economic and social development of the BSR and create better climate among the citizens of North-West Russia towards EU enlargement.

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to contribute to better implementation of the Northern Dimension Action programme of EU.



The target group for DEX are decision makers and stakeholders from the target regions as well as SME’s and local population.



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knowledge exchange and training,

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input into the e-portal and information system creation within the framework of COMMIN,

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dissemination of the best practices in spatial planning and regional economic development within BSR,

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policy advice and network creation.



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The research carried out during DEX is on the topic “Preconditions for international goal oriented co-operation in the field of regional development”. 

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The aim of the research is to study the existing Russian regulations in the sphere of SME support and their international activities.

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The study is to give valuable information for the establishment of pilot excellence centres.

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